Business class flights

Business class is a class of its own. People who travel long routes that span different continents or even those going from East coast to West coast make the most of business class air fare tickets and fly with a little style and luxury. The reason why business class is so great for long journeys is because the ample features and benefits allow you to truly relax and make the most of your journey without being weary of travel.

Flying is a time consuming activity which is why the business class perks can make all the difference. In today’s post we will look at some of the features in great details.

Let’s Talk Seats

There are three types of seats that come with the benefits of business flights. The first one is the cradle seat that offers a 160 degrees recline; a fair angle to lay back on. Next up, is the Angled Seats which stretch as far as 170 degrees offering more recline and space for passengers to spread their legs. Last but not least, and everyone’s favourite are the flatbed seats which offers business class passengers a full 180 degree angle to lay back on. It’s as if they are laying on their bed. These seats are really comfy and cushiony as well. It makes you feel right at home.

Priority Checking

There is always an ever-present urge to get on board the plane at the earliest possible convenience. However different airlines have different ways of boarding passengers accordingly. First Class and Business Class travellers get priority check-in. They don’t have to stand in long lines and they surely do not have to wait. Once the boarding signs comes on, they are whisked away almost immediately to their seat. Oftentimes they don’t even get to see the economy passengers and are usually the first few on the plane.

Access to Better Cuisine and Space

There is definitely a difference in cuisine as you upgrade from economy to business. A better food selection awaits passengers on business class. There are also different forms of entertainment as well. For example for most airlines, passengers have access to audio/video systems that are already on-board. They can also request a DVD player to listen to their favourite CD or watch their favourite movie. There is certainly more space in Business Class which means there are a great number of things you can accomplish with that given space. There is plenty of room for your laptop which can also be charged from an outlet beneath your seat. You have internet access so you can stream music while you fly to your desired destination.

Accumulating Business Miles

You collect mile point each time you travel provided you have a mileage card that records your flight data. Business class passengers get more points due to a higher costing seat and they also earn huge discounts when they accumulate enough points.

Flying Business Class is an experience everyone carries with them forever. It’s not as pricey as First Class yet it retains some of the best air travel features and luxuries in the airline business.